Ideas for paying School fees…

Ideas for paying School fees…

Ideas for paying School fees

Well the year is nearly finished, Christmas is over… and you are probably planning and looking at 2017 and what it will bring.

If you have children at school with fees due – it can be quite stressful balancing how you will get these paid. From our experience this time in families lives can be the most rewarding but can also be the most draining on cashflow. Afterall what is more important than giving your child a great education?

If you have equity in your home, it may be worthwhile considering using your home to fund some of these costs. Of course it is always better if you can carry them or account for them prior to the fees being due. But life sometimes is not kind and we need to weigh up the cost of educating our children against a period of time where we may have to “tread water” with our home loan.

This way you can enjoy the time you have and not be too worried about how you are going to meet these ongoing costs.

And and with interest rates a record lows – we can look at tailoring a package to suit – including Fixed rates and interest only for up to 5 years to assist and manage your cashflow through this time.

Give us a call to explore your options.

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