Relax and take some time to review your finances

Relax and take some time to review your finances

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Christmas is over. Credit card bill is due at end of the month. School fees due sometime in February or before.

Welcome to 2016!

We have had 5 children go through our doors at home, with private school and university  fees to balance it all adds up. For us it was like treading water for a bit… we were not quite making the headway we wanted to on the home loan – but we had a lot going out and for us a good education was much more important. And we knew that in time we would catch up.

Every year it is the same thing – more month left after the money comes in. But when did you last review your home loan? It maybe time to look at the expenses including any credit cards, personal loans and also what equity you have in order to make things a little easier on your day to day cashflow.

We have also assisted many clients with restructuring their home loans to cover this period of their lives. Either by a longer term on home loan, perhaps interest only for a couple of years – or gaining access to equity and placing into an offset account to cover the costs over a period of time.

If you wish to discuss how your own financial situation could be improved please get in contact. It could be the best thing you do for yourself this year so far J

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