North Brisbane Home Loans and national charity Swags for Homeless are helping to improve the lives of local street sleeping people – by donating a Backpack Bed with every Home Loan. Over 40,000 Australians will sleep on our streets this year and the award winning Backpack Bed will help those people without a bed tonight stay warm, dry, and safe – with dignity.

swags for the homelessNorth Brisbane Home Loans have a goal to give away 100 Backpack Beds this year, and as a customer you will be helping your community – with one bed being donated for every home loan.


“We had used North Brisbane Home Loans before and had always had a fantastic, professional and efficient experience but this time it was nice to know that while we were imagining being safe and secure in our new home we would be helping someone not so fortunate. What a wonderful initiative that we are very proud to be a part of!”