Do this if your home loan is paused so your credit score is protected!

Deferring your home loan during the 2020 recession Now that we’re officially in the midst of a recession, it’s been announced that mortgage deferral options have been extended until January 2021 for those still in financial distress.  By the end of September, 393,000 mortgage deferrals across the country, worth $160 billion, were in place with…

What does a comparison rate account for

What Is A Comparison Rate And How Important Is It Really?

If you’ve heard the term ‘comparison rate’ you might be wondering what it’s all about and how it differs from an interest rate often advertised by lenders.

A comparison rate is a rate that all lenders by law must display next to their advertised interest rates. It’s a rate which takes into account some of the fees and charges of a home loan to give you a more accurate representation of a loan’s interest rate once the costs are taken into account.