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Demand for fixed rate home loans skyrocket

Demand For Fixed Rate Home Loans Skyrocket If you thought the demand for fixed rate home loans in Australia was skyrocketing already, then brace yourself because it’s going to explode.  The low interest-rate environment and COVID-19 pandemic impacts together have boosted the demand for fixed-rate mortgages.  Back when interest rates were in the 4-5 percent…

self employed borrowers covid 19

What’s Changed In 2020 For The Self Employed Borrowers?

Home Loans For Self Employed Borrowers – What’s Changed In 2020 COVID-19? While the rules and regulations haven’t changed significantly for self employed borrowers wanting to borrow home loans, COVID-19 has certainly made it a little trickier. Lenders are requesting additional income documentation to ensure your business hasn’t been massively impacted by the pandemic. Some…


Do this if your home loan is paused so your credit score is protected!

Deferring your home loan during the 2020 recession Now that we’re officially in the midst of a recession, it’s been announced that mortgage deferral options have been extended until January 2021 for those still in financial distress.  By the end of September, 393,000 mortgage deferrals across the country, worth $160 billion, were in place with…