Everything First Home Buyers Need to Know About A Building and Pest Inspection

Everything First Home Buyers Need to Know About A Building and Pest Inspection

We asked Asset Building and Pest Inspection to share their expert advice on everything first home buyers need to know about a building and pest inspection. 

In this blog we cover the most frequently asked building and pest questions, when it happens during the purchase process, and tips for finding a qualified inspector who will help you.

It’s just one of the ways North Brisbane Home Loans goes the extra mile to take the stress and hassle out of finding – and moving into – your dream home.

Plus, if you’re a North Brisbane Home Loans client, you’ll get access to exclusive discounts from our partner network including any building and pest inspections conducted by Asset Building & Pest Inspections. Find out more about these offers here.

Building and Pest FAQs from First Home Buyers

Here are the most frequently asked questions we get from first home buyers:

  1. Should I attend the inspection?
    Yes, here at Asset Building and Pest Inspections we recommend First Home Buyers attend. This way your inspector can show you issues at the property and you can have a more thorough conversation to help alleviate any concerns that we find and discuss problems you may have about the property.
  2. Is the house okay?
    Our comprehensive reports will provide a thorough assessment on the state of the property. It should be read in full and will help you to make an informed decision about whether you will proceed with the purchase.
  3. What’s next after the inspection?
    Either you are happy with the report and proceed with the contract, or if issues are raised you may request the owner complete the repairs, or you renegotiate the purchase price to cover the cost for repairs identified in the building and pest report.

During the buying process, when does the Building & Pest typically occur?

Typically, the building and pest inspection happens after you have submitted a written offer. Most prospective home owners include a clause in the contract specifying that the sale will be conditional to a building and pest inspection. This then gives you an opportunity to not proceed with the purchase or renegotiate if issues are identified. 

So, the building and pest inspection most commonly happens in the cooling off period – usually between 7 to 14 days after a contract has been accepted – but it will depend on the time frame you negotiated in your purchase contract.

Once completed, Asset Building and Pest Inspection will promptly email your Inspection Report to you within 24 hours.

Why should a first home buyer get a pre-purchase building & pest inspection done?

A good building and pest inspector will provide expert advice and identify potential future issues – saving you thousands of dollars on costly repairs that otherwise may not be noticeable.

We recommend getting a building and pest inspection whether you’re buying your first home or your fifth. Here at Asset Building & Pest Inspections we have more than 20 years’ experience in the building and construction industry and can pinpoint problems from a mile away.

What potential issues should a First Home Buyer look for before putting in an offer?

Here’s are four things you should keep an eye out for while inspecting a property:

  1. Look at ceilings and behind bathrooms or kitchens for patches or water leaks.
  2. Look around the yard for draining issues or water ponding.  
  3. Look in the meter box for past termite inspections.
  4. Check brickwork for cracking. 

Who pays for a building and pest inspection?

The buyer covers the cost of the Building & Pest Inspection – and you can choose any building and pest inspector you prefer.

The cost is very minimal in relation to the overall cost of the property but it gives you advice to make an informed decision on the property you are purchasing. 

We’ve seen many instances where home buyers have used the findings in their building and pest inspections to negotiate a better purchase price if there are areas of property need to be repaired or replaced.

Tips for finding a good building and pest inspector?

Here’s the questions to ask a potential building and pest inspector to determine if they’re the right fit for you:

  • How much experience does the inspector have in the building industry?
  • Is he licensed and insured? 
  • How many years has the inspector been completing Building & Pest Inspections? 
  • Is the inspector the owner of the business, or a subcontractor? 
  • What type of report do you provide?  Note: Tick and flick type reports don’t offer much detail for the buyer.

Our inspector at Asset Building & Pest Inspections – Martin Slater has over 22 years’ experience in the building industry. He is fully licensed and insured as a builder, building inspector, pest inspector and pool safety inspector. 

He has been conducting pre-purchase and pre-sale Building & Pest Inspections for almost a decade.  That’s over 6000 combined building and pest Inspections completed – the experience speaks for itself.

Martin is also the owner and director of the company and the inspector so if you engage Asset Building & Pest Inspections, it will be Martin completing the inspection.  Our reports are detailed typed reports approximately 35 to 40 pages in length and include photos of major defects.

How can Asset Building and Pest Inspections help first home buyers?

We go over and above to help first home buyers. We know you may feel nervous about the purchase of your first home – and not exactly sure of the steps or avenues available to you to negotiate a purchase price.

We take extra time to clarify any issues or concerns you have about the property – and findings outlined in our inspection reports. We advise what areas may need immediate repairs and explain recommended maintenance plans for the property.  No question is too trivial to ask.

First home buyers – things you need to know about Building & Pest

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