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Buying my first home

We have helped hundreds of clients into their first home. We love helping first home buyers.

If you are looking to buy at auction or placing an offer on a home, you really need to be pre-approved. And when we say pre-approved we mean properly approved.

This is a formal credit application to a lender who looks at your employment, your deposit and your credit worthiness in order to make an informed decision to lend you money.

If you go to one bank you will get one banks products. They are not going to tell you that the bank down the road has a better one that will suit you or is cheaper.

A professional finance adviser will.

We take the time to get to know you, how you currently bank and what your plans are over the next few years. We can discuss with you the options of coming up with an appropriate deposit and also whether your family can assist you into a home earlier with a guarantee type of loan. These loans are very popular nowadays as they allow young people to enter the property market with minimal deposit often at a cheaper rate with no mortgage insurance to pay.

We can also assist with giving you some ideas on how it works with placing offers on a home, and/or what to look for when building a home.

Of course you will have some information that friends and family will have shared with you, and although their intentions are good – they can be misguided as the market changes as well as bank policies on minimum deposits and types of employment.


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