Whether you’re buying your first home, forever home, self-employed loan, or looking to refinance , the experienced mortgage brokers at North Brisbane Home Loans can help you achieve your financial dreams.

North Brisbane Home Loans has helped its clients secure more than $400 million in approved loans, and was shortlisted as a finalist for Best Community Engagement and Best Customer Service in the 2016 Better Business Awards , Australia’s leading Mortgage Broker industry awards. And more recently in 2017 and 2018 finalists for Customer Service, Best Marketing and Best Loan Administrator (Debbie Hays) as well as a finalist in 2019 for Marketing in our State based Connective Excellence Awards.

Patrick Cranshaw

Patrick Cranshaw

CEO & Mortgage Broker
Phone: (07) 3889 9719
Email: pat@nbhl.com.au

“My purpose is to help people succeed. This is what drives me.”

Patrick has been a Certified Mortgage Professional for more than 16 years and founded North Brisbane Home Loans in 2002.

Patrick got his start with the ANZ Bank in New Zealand,  and worked as a ‘Bank Johnny’ for more than 16 years. Moving to Brisbane in 2000, Patrick went on to lead the QLD market of a home loan agency, before assisting in the setup of the Remax Real Estate Finance division and practicing as a broker.

Recognising a need in the market for a local, trustworthy and community-oriented brokerage service in Brisbane, Patrick took the plunge and established North Brisbane Home Loans. Patrick has fostered strong relationships with a huge range of financial lenders, and specialises in educating and helping clients get a better deal.  As well as introducing them to valued partners to help them in other areas.

Patrick’s proudest achievement in life is undeniably his five beautiful children, however he is also very proud of the contribution North Brisbane Home Loans has made to the mortgage broking industry and the local community as a whole.

Di Cranshaw

Di Cranshaw

Operations Manager
Phone: 07 3889 9719
Mobile: 0400 442 300
Email: di@nbhl.com.au

“I consider each customer as a family member who deserves nothing but the best service”

Di holds a Certificate IV in Accounting and Mortgage Broking.

With more than 35 years of experience in the finance and service industries, Di has held a variety of client service and management roles within Westpac, ANZ, Wizard Home Loans, Pickles Auctions and DCS Group.

Di is passionate about her family and nurturing everyone within it to their full potential.

She loves educating and sharing her life experiences and making sure everyone she meets is treated fairly and equitable. She is committed to excellent customer service and anything that centers around providing that to clients which means often going the extra mile as required.

Raylene Bent
Raylene Bent

Raylene Bent

Mortgage Broker
Phone : 07 3889 9719
Mobile: 0437 088 311
Email: raylene@nbhl.com.au

“My passion is helping clients achieve their goals and dreams.”

With over 35 years in the banking industry in both lending and management roles, Raylene has developed a professional yet caring attitude towards everything that she does.

Customer service is a high priority and Raylene ensures that everyone from the clients, solicitors, accountants, team members and lenders feel valued by adopting a timely, friendly and professional manner to all matters, big or small.

Raylene ensures that the whole picture is looked at and addressed to allow clients the peace of mind to know they are in the best product to allow them to relax and live their life to the fullest.

Josh Pickering
Josh Pickering

Josh Pickering

Small Business & Vehicle Finance Specialist
Phone : 07 3889 9719
Mobile :0423 498 047
Email : josh@nbhl.com.au

“I’m dedicated to helping people realise their potential through funding for growth, opportunity and to future proof their business.”

Josh lends his passion to small business & asset finance from his diverse understanding of logistics, mining, earthmoving, hospitality and farming. Having lived his early life in regional Australia on property and then moving on to work for multiple ASX200 companies, Josh can support businesses of any size, complexity or background.

Josh manages vehicle finance & procurement, businesses fit-outs, restructure, start-ups & unsecured capital.

Our client’s now have access to full suite of vehicle finance options including Fleet (wholesale) pricing on their vehicle purchases, getting them more for their money with Josh managing negotiation between a network of hundreds of dealerships nationwide.

In his down time, Josh focuses always on family, riding his motorbike and playing football for Pine Hills.

Providing our small business clients with access to finance, Josh also has a ranged understanding of bank to private lending to ensure our clients are funded, educated and loans are structured to always protect your business.

Lynda Gardiner
Lynda Gardiner

Lynda Gardiner

Credit Analyst/Broker Support
Phone: 07 3889 9719
Email: lynda@nbhl.com.au

“I get enjoyment out of knowing clients are closer to fulfilling their dreams of home ownership and / or improving their lifestyle – and us contributing towards them achieving their goals.”

Lynda brings more than 25 years of experience in finance and conveyancing to be able to help our clients through the various stages of property purchasing and dealings with banks.

With a compassionate and inquisitive nature, Lynda can often see things that others can’t that are important to ensure the smooth finance application for our clients. And she gets very excited when a loan is approved and more importantly when it settles. Because she knows we have done a good job and our client is happy, and often in a much better situation before they came in to see us in the first place.

In her down time, Lynda enjoys going to the gym, relaxing and hanging with her family.

Fiona Delaney
Fiona Delaney

Fiona Delaney

Credit Analyst/Broker Suppor
Phone: 07 3889 9719
Email: fiona@nbhl.com.au

“My passion is supporting the team to enable them to provide a customer service level that exceeds our client’s expectations.”

Over 30 years in administration and office management rolls. My experience was across Educational Institutions, FMCG and Debt Management and Insolvency. Process and procedural control and the efficiency this brings to the organization are the priority for me.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my family, going to the gym and when possible overseas travel. I also enjoy living in Brisbane and the lifestyle it offers.

NBHL Team Martin

Martin Sevilla

Broker Admin Support
Phone: (07) 3889 9719

“When it comes to mortgages, there’s no better place than a home secured by a great loan; being able to assist the team in procuring this deal for our dear clients makes my heart happy.”

Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Martin is an enthusiastic, consistent, organised and valued member of NBHL. Martin is fairly new to the workforce, after recently completing his degree.

He has developed an eye for detail, especially with the information that we as mortgage brokers need to be across these days with data that involves numerical figures, research and organisational skills.

Martins hobbies include reading, giving lectures, writing and engaging in sports, basketball among others. He also loves to hang out with friends and family, where he enjoys cracking jokes and being the life of the party.

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