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Buying my next home

Need more space? Or a new home better suited to your changing lifestyle?

When you are buying for the second time round, it is a bit easier. You have been there before and sort of understand how it all works.

But when you are looking to move on is the best time to review what you currently have in place with your home loan.

You are paying a release fee to pay out your home mortgage, so you are in a great position to be able to move if it makes sense.

Don’t just go to your existing bank to get what you need, they will not tell you if you can get a better deal somewhere else. We know it is sometimes just easier as they have all your info, and you have your internet banking set-up and card access. And that is exactly what they expect you to do! But did you know you can bank where you are right now – and get a better deal with another lender without having to change all of your accounts? Yes you can.

We guarantee that we will not recommend you to move lenders unless it makes viable financial sense to do so. So you have nothing to lose.

Buying before you sell? – We can assist you with managing two mortgages until you sell your existing property. A bridging loan helps people finance the purchase of a new home while waiting for your current property to sell. You can either look at interest only payments or even capitalize the interest for the duration of the loan. Subject to certain credit criteria being met of course.

BTW – we do not charge a fee for the service we provide. We get paid by the lender we refer you to. You can request a copy of our Credit Guide anytime for further details.

Contact us here to start the process of finding you a better home loan to go with your next home. So you can own it earlier!


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