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Are you looking to buy your next home mortgage in Brisbane, or take out and investment home loan?

Perhaps you are looking to move to a bigger home, or want to move to an area closer to work or school. Whatever the reason, North Brisbane Home Loans is a top rated home loan mortgage broker in Brisbane having more than 90 years’ combined experience and helping clients buy their Next Home or Investment Property.

Contact our friendly and professional team of Next Home mortgage broker today for a free consultation on buying second home loan!

At North Brisbane Home Loans, we’re committed to providing the best mortgage broker service for second home buyers.

Why Choose North Brisbane Home Loans?

5 Star Customer Rating

We put you first and genuinely want to help you achieve your next property ownership dreams with our best rated home loan mortgage broker services.

We have hundreds of happy customers, find out what they’ve said about working with North Brisbane Home Loans here.

Experienced Mortgage Brokers

With more than 90 years’ combined experience in the industry we can confidently offer you the best advice when it comes to finding the best value second home loan for you.

You can find experienced mortgage brokers in brisbane with our top rated home loan mortgage broker website.

We Work For You,
Not The Banks

We don’t charge any fees for our home loan Brisbane services, our commission comes from the lender.

So we’re by your side every step of the way to ensure you select the best loan product for your individual circumstances. Please, feel free to discuss your second home loan needs with our mortgage Brokers brisbane.

Exclusive Partner Network

Not only do we provide you with the best advice on your next home loan needs, we also introduce clients to our network of trusted partners offering discounted rates.

Save time and money searching for reliable building and pest, real estate agents, solicitors and more.

Contact North Brisbane Home Loans

If you’re looking for a next home mortgage or investment home loan, the experienced mortgage brokers at North Brisbane Home Loans can help find a tailored loan solution for you.

Contact our professional and friendly team of second home mortgage brokers today!




FAQ For Next Home Mortgage

How Much Does A Next Home Mortgage Broker Cost?

We don’t charge a fee for our services, instead we are paid a commission by the lender once your loan is complete, which means we’ll work hard to recommend the best home loan for you.

What Is A Bridging Loan?

If you need to purchase a new home now, but need a bit of time to sell your existing home, some lenders can offer bridging finance allowing you 6 to 12 months to sell your existing home.

Can I Sell My Current Home and Buy A Second Home At The Same Time?

If you arrange for settlement for the sale of your existing property, and purchase of your second home to be within a few hours of each other, the equity from your first home can be transferred to your new home.

Can I Keep My Existing Property as an Investment Property, or Purchase A Second Home as an Investment?

Yes you can. Contact our team on (07) 3889 9719 to explore your options for using the equity in your first home to purchase a second property, or take out an additional loan for your next home.




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