For the first 25 people in 2021 who are looking to refinance or purchase a home or investment loan with a minimum loan balance of $450,000 we are giving one of the best gifts we could think of…

7 nights FREE Accommodation!

What would a getaway to Bali, Thailand or Africa mean
for you? We could all use a holiday right now, or
something to look forward to for next year.





While we are committed to 100% satisfaction with every job, we wanted to add
an extra bonus to say thank you. We love happy customers!


Give us a call, ask us for a free quote, and let’s see how we can help you with
your next project and get started on planning a holiday!

For more details for our international travel partners, you can check My Great Escapes website And for those who want to stay within the borders, we also have offers for free stays all across Australia too with Holiday 2 Go.

We are happy to do a free quote for you. Here is what we need, and you can send it to us using the form below, or drop us an email.

Type of project

what are you building, and how can we help?

Photos & measurements

At the very minimum, we need measurements and photos of the desired area to be worked on. This will be the easiest and fastest way for us to get back to you with an idea of costs.

Measurements units

For measurements, we need the linear or square meter size of the space


Location, so we know how far we’ll need to drive and if our team will be staying overnight.

Access to the job

Access to the job is very important too. If the job is at the back of a property or somewhere that we cannot access with a truck, we may need a concrete pump

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